6 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas That You Want to Have at Home

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When it comes to functionality, kitchens have the most diverse utility of all rooms at home. After all, the kitchen is where we prepare food, cook, dine and socialise after a day at work. That’s why remodelling a kitchen is probably the most challenging task in an HDB renovation. Luckily, embracing a simple kitchen design…

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5 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas in Singapore

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Today’s kitchen is more than a place for cooking, as homeowners spend more time in it than ever. It’s safe to say that we eat and cook, catch up with our partner and children, and even practise our hobbies there. In some cases, you may even use it to work there, especially if you’re good…

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Top 8 Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

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Designing the ultimate HDB kitchen requires a lot of creativity and planning. It involves various aspects of your cooking and dining area, from the water supply to the ventilation and lighting. However, staying updated with the latest interior design tips and trends takes more than that. To create a modern kitchen design, you must view…

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Wet and Dry Kitchen Designs in Singapore

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Nowadays, HDB renovation in Singapore is done not only out of necessity but also for convenience. While it can dramatically improve your home’s weary and neglected looks, it can also enhance its functionality. The kitchen is the place to expand when it comes to getting the best of both worlds.  As the backbone of every…

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How Much Does Kitchen Renovation Cost in Singapore

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The kitchen is an essential part of every HDB interior design. While many homeowners see it merely as a place for food preparation, it’s certainly much more valuable than that. Indeed, the kitchen is where families spend most of their time conversing, cooking, and preparing food together. In this regard, functionality isn’t the only aspect…

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