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Our BTO Kitchen Work in Singapore

Even though COVID-19 restrictions caused delays in completing BTO HDB projects in Singapore, they remain a preferable home solution. Many Singaporeans seek state-backed balloting as an affordable and fair means of purchasing a newly-built home. While smaller than their Resale counterparts, such housing allows owners to indulge in the comfort of a brand new interior.

The following advantage attracts homeowners looking to create the perfect HDB kitchen design. Do not hesitate, as materialising your goals is possible with proper planning. Here are some BTO kitchen design ideas to help you make the most of your new home.

What is HDB BTO kitchen?

BTO is an abbreviation of Build-to-Order - an HDB flat allocation system that gives owners the choice of timing and location. Since the program is state-backed, it employs government-owned companies, which ensure high-quality standards at affordable prices. That's why BTO homes are far better than DBSS (Developed by Sellers), as they include safety parameters like structural stability and material quality.

What are the benefits of BTO kitchens?

Renovating a BTO kitchen indeed has its cons - you have to wait more than expected just to redesign your kitchen. Moreover, you’ll have to cope with limited space. Still, some undisputed pros come with purchasing a BTO HDB flat:

Great Return of Investment (ROI)

If you’re looking for a way to profit from your investment, purchasing an HDB BTO flat is the way to go. The Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) is five years, meaning you can safely sell your property after its expiration. While many people prefer to buy their home immediately without waiting, reselling your BTO will be relatively easy. Moreover, you can make an excellent profit if you manage to time the housing market.

Affordable Prices

One thing that makes BTO HDB home so attractive is the prices. They’re considerably cheaper than Resale flats, making them a perfect solution for first-time homeowners.

Low Renovation Expenses

A BTO home is a “new canvas” on which you can freely paint your desired portrait. In other words, renovating your Build-to-Order flat will be much more affordable than resale one. After all, you’ll get a newly-erected home as opposed to a home which requires deconstruction before you can establish a new interior design.

Brand New Home

Lastly, keep in mind that purchasing a BTO flat means you’re the first owner of your home. The following advantage is a dramatic improvement compared to dealing with possible issues from the previous Resale owner.

5 Savvy BTO Kitchen Design Ideas

Typically, BTO flats don’t provide much space, leaving homeowners with little creativity to work within their kitchen. Meanwhile, having limited room for improvement is the perfect chance to shine with an astonishing kitchen BTO design. Whether you’re an aspiring chef or you love spending time in the kitchen, these five BTO kitchen design ideas will help you create the room of your dreams.

A Multifunctional Layout

Functionality is the first step to creating the ultimate BTO kitchen design. If your family loves team cooking, an L-shape layout will do wonders. While it offers plenty of space for every family member, you can easily maintain the golden triangle. Besides, L-shaped BTO kitchens are an excellent solution for open-plan concepts - a popular layout in HDB homes.

Parallel Countertops for Aspiring Chefs

If cooking is your passion, then you should probably embrace your hobby. Those who like indulging in the activity usually create a chef’s “nest” from their kitchen BTO design in the form of a parallel layout. Some heavy-duty users even take it further and style a U-shaped enclosed space for maximum workspace. Just make sure you ventilate your BTO kitchen design well to avoid air congestion.

Low Maintenance Kitchen

Perhaps you’re not an avid chef or too busy to whip up many dishes in your BTO kitchen design. In both cases, a one-wall design is an optimal alternative to fully fledged layouts. Indeed, maintaining multiple countertops can be a bit of a hassle.

That’s why implementing a kitchen island, or a kitchen dining table can help save space while increasing efficiency. Ultimately, the aim is to have enough linear workspace while keeping your kitchen BTO design compact and neat.

Ample Storage for Minimum Clutter

Storage plays a crucial role in organising every room, especially when it comes to the kitchen. No matter your kitchen design BTO layout, you’d want ample space to store your cutlery, trays and tableware.

Still, choosing a configuration that will offer the most vertical space is a clever idea. Therefore, G-shaped kitchens have a lot of counter space and flexibility needed to create a clean and neat kitchen BTO design.

A Stylish Statement Kitchen

Of course, a kitchen without a style to show out isn’t sustainable unless you want to focus merely on functionality. But who would like to have an uninviting kitchen?

Even if you don’t spend much time there, you must ensure it exudes elegance. After all, your kitchen is also part of your HDB BTO interior design, so you can use it to make a statement without spending excessive time on maintenance. In such a case, a kitchen island and a one-walled layout are perfect BTO kitchen design ideas for a stylish statement.

Create your personalised kitchen BTO design with Kitchenate

Creating your kitchen BTO design is as easy as it can get. The only limit is your dreams and creativity. If you’re having trouble coming up with fresh ideas for your BTO kitchen design, Kitchenate is here to help. Our team has extensive experience designing BTO interiors, and offering the best services has been our priority. Contact us now to start your kitchen BTO design project right away!