How Much Does Kitchen Renovation Cost in Singapore

The kitchen is an essential part of every HDB interior design. While many homeowners see it merely as a place for food preparation, it’s certainly much more valuable than that. Indeed, the kitchen is where families spend most of their time conversing, cooking, and preparing food together. In this regard, functionality isn’t the only aspect you’d want to embrace. Whether you want to change a certain aspect or are up for a complete Singapore kitchen renovation, style is crucial.

Of course, each kitchen renovation cost should cover a specific element of your plan. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a clear budget with a list of problems to tackle. Perhaps, you’re wondering how much kitchen renovation will cost you and how to save on kitchen renovation. Before you hire an interior designer, we advise you to read on to learn about the basics when planning and estimating the cost of kitchen renovations in Singapore.

3 Essential Tips To Help You Estimate Your Kitchen Renovation Cost

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Successful kitchen renovations often follow a few mandatory steps that ensure optimal planning and execution. Undoubtedly, proper budgeting is the first and most important task on the list. But even if you have an estimated budget, you must carefully consider the features of your kitchen.

For example, a kitchen renovation can cost anywhere from $800 for light work and more than $20,000 for a thorough revamping. Typically, medium renovation works involve structural reforms like hacking and tile replacement. If you’re looking for a more extensive remodel job, you might do some tile and flooring removals and replacements, wall hacking and others. Here are the three most crucial tips to follow when estimating your kitchen renovation cost:

#1 Follow The HDB Kitchen Renovation Rules

The Housing Board applies strict rules for renovation projects that homeowners must follow to avoid unwanted troubles. That’s why it’s crucial to go through the HDB renovation information and guidelines before any work takes place. In essence, any renovation must adhere to some general rules, such as the types of contractors you can hire and the permissible hacking works. Moreover, there are some regulations tailored explicitly for kitchen makeovers in Singapore. Here are the essential kitchen renovation rules:

  • Plumbing requires engaging with a plumber registered with the PUB (Public Utilities Board)
  • All new pipes installed during the HDB kitchen renovation must be external, i.e., cannot be concealed.
  • All renovation work must be done from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • If you plan to replace the flooring in your kitchen, you must lay a waterproofing membrane on the cement screed. That way, you’ll prevent unwanted water spills and leakages. Keep in mind that the Housing Board restricts homeowners from replacing their toilet and kitchen floor and wall finishes for three years from installation completion. Still, owners can use adhesives and lay new finishes over the existing ones.

#2 Plan Your Kitchen Renovation Cost Ahead

After you become acquainted with the HDB renovation guidelines, it’s time to decide on the type of renovation you want. Typically, homeowners with smaller budgets or fewer underlying changes to implement go for a partial renovation. Of course, more dramatic improvements would require a complete renovation. In both cases, it’s vital to know some factors that may affect your kitchen renovation cost:

Optimise Partial Changes

Undoubtedly, planning what changes you need to implement is the first task when estimating your kitchen renovation cost. Suppose you want to dismantle the old kitchen cabinets and install new ones, you must count the cost of hacking and purchasing new units. Also, don’t forget to compare the price differences related to cabinet length, quality, and material.

Consider All Factors in Full Revamps

If you’re aiming for a complete kitchen renovation, you must consider rough construction work like hacking old tiles and buying and installing new ones. Moreover, you must add the cost of installing new cabinets, including the overall labour charges.

Additional Kitchen Renovation Costs

As already mentioned, the Housing Board considers the kitchen a wet area, which requires strict waterproofing measures. In this regard, you must ensure your contractor does proper testing, usually by applying static pressure by pounding water on the internal face.

While such a service is mandatory, it may add to your kitchen renovation cost. Finally, you may need post-installation maintenance in the form of haulage and acid washing of your kitchen tiles.

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#3 Factor in Every Element

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The kitchen has different elements that may affect its overall looks and functionality. Whether it’s the layout, appliances, or storage solutions, every homeowner wants to make the best of their cooking area. In this regard, you must pay close attention to the following factors when estimating your kitchen renovation cost:


Space is a crucial factor when determining one’s kitchen renovation cost. Indeed, it can largely influence your total expenses, especially when renovating larger rooms. In such cases, homeowners often need more workers with more equipment and labour hours. Consequently, such a project may greatly outweigh the small kitchen renovation cost that most homeowners initially plan.


The kitchen layout is the backbone of any cooking area as it determines the traffic flow and the storage space. It’s also crucial for positioning the kitchen cabinets and appliances you want to utilise as efficiently as possible. Carefully weigh all the options regarding the current HDB kitchen layout and try to work with it. Changing your current structure often means adding considerable costs to your kitchen renovation.


Storage space is another vital feature that is decisive when rebuilding your kitchen. Typically, having more storage options would ensure your cooking area is functional and less cluttered. However, adapting your Singapore kitchen makeover to your storage needs might significantly increase your renovation costs. On the bright side, it will very likely increase your comfort.

Primary cooking unit

Choosing kitchen cabinets and basic kitchenware might not be as costly as your appliances. Every cooking area needs at least one stove, a refrigerator, and other essential additions. Perhaps, the most crucial decision is whether you want cheaper but less energy-efficient appliances or more effective ones. Typically, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and hobs Purchasing more energy-efficient devices may reduce your utility costs in the long term.

Kitchen Model

You might want your kitchen to be more than just a regular place for cooking and having a morning snack. In such a case, you should carefully consider whether you want to focus on functionality, aesthetics, or both. Either way, daily cooking encompasses many elements that may add to your kitchen renovation cost.

How Much Can Kitchen Renovation Packages Cost

Kitchen renovation costs can vary anywhere from a few thousand dollars to $25,000 and more. Undoubtedly, the two primary components determining the price are the materials and the labour cost. Moreover, some homeowners may have different needs and preferences regarding the extent of work.

Some services include painting and re-tiling for a standard renovation, while thorough makeovers include more complex solutions. The average kitchen renovation package costs about $5,000 for moderate changes like re-tiling floors, replacing worktops and kitchen cabinet upgrading. Arguably, the macroeconomic situation and inflation can significantly influence the cost of goods. Still, you can get a rough estimation by taking a look at our reference kitchen renovation cost breakdown:

Type of Renovation WorkAverage Cost
Hacking Work$500-$3,200
Plumbing Work$200-$1,700
Electrical Work$120-$1,200
Painting Work$300-$500
Kitchen Flooring and Wall Tiles$9-$15 per sq. ft.
Kitchen Cabinets Renovation$150-$450 per sq. ft.
Kitchen Countertop Renovation$2,500-$8,000

Additional Tips for Saving on Kitchen Renovation Cost

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Kitchen renovation can be costly, especially for homeowners looking for a complete makeover. Fortunately, there are ways to minimise expenses while retaining quality. Here are some easy steps to help you save money on your kitchen renovation:

Purchase Budget Materials

Countertop and backsplash materials can take up a considerable chunk of the kitchen renovation budget. In this regard, you may choose laminate or wood as your countertop. The following materials are far more affordable than marble or concrete and are easily installed.

Another great idea is to go with tiles for your kitchen backsplash. Choosing the classic instead of more expensive materials like granite or quartz reduces your kitchen renovation cost.

Carpentry design

Carpentry work encompasses a wide range of services, including designing, creating and installing kitchen cabinets, a worktop, a hob, a sink and more. If you want to save on your kitchen renovation, simply tone down the carpentry design. That way, you’ll reduce labour and will likely save on expensive materials.


Last but not least, hacking works can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. The procedure often involves the removal of old and the installation of new tiles. You can save on the total cost by overlaying the tiles instead of going through the entire process.

How Much Is Kitchen Renovation with Kitchenate

Kitchenate is one of Singapore’s premium interior design companies with extensive experience in renovations. We offer tailored services to cater to any HDB BTO kitchen renovation or budget. Talk to us and start your HDB interior design journey with our skilful design experts now.

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